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Thumbs up Axialis Screensaver Producer Pro 4.2 Win32 >>>

Here is one from 2011...Not vintage in my opinion as it's still the current version.

Axialis Screensaver Producer Professional 4.2 Win32

Lots of screensaver builders out there...Not as many now but back in the day, a buttload...Back in the day when devs actually sold them for dollars. Some were good, a few were great & there was alotta shitty ones.

As far as building screensavers this app is one of the best. It'll make all the usual slideshow, flash, etc screensavers but it really shines when you use it to make SPRITE BASED screensavers. Opens up alot of creative options as the sprites can run into each other & have collision effects or just pass each other on different layers & different transparency levels & much more.

OK well one starts to think of all the animated GIFs & using them so now we have the situation of changing the GIFs into sprite sheets...What a fuckin' farce. I ended up trying a host of both commercial & free shit with all kinds of problems. First - The app wants the spritesheet in a specific way...which is one image wide either WIDE or TALL...and that is it. I had shit crash on export, export extremely large spritesheets, blow out the alpha channel by reducing the PNG to 24 bit, screw up the alpha channel by introducing 'flickering'. And the list goes on & on.

The only thing I found to work was an AIR app called 'ShoeBox'. It's free & you can just google 'shoebox sprite app' & it should be the first thing listed. It's an adobe AIR app so you'll have to have that installed first. I found it likes to turn GIFs into a 2 image wide TALL spritesheet...So you just cut the image width field in half & refresh & there it is.

I am not saying that there are not other apps that will do as well...I just never came across them & this one works well so I went no further.

So have at it...a great screensaver builder for all the sprite freaks out there. Just a note...If you want to just make a screensaver from an animated GIF you should go to my post for 'Gypsee Pro' as it does a better job of making a screensaver from a GIF directly.



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