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Default Gumroad - Mastering UE4 - Material Basics by Wiktor ?hman

In this first part of my Mastering Unreal Engine 4 tutorial series I cover the, probably, most central aspect of Unreal Engine 4 ? especially as a 3D artist ? the Material Editor. It?s an incredibly powerful tool and can yield amazing results with little effort.

Narrated Video Tutorial: 44 minutes.

This video is aimed towards beginners or intermediate users of UE4 who want to brush up on their UE4 foundational skills of the Material System in Unreal Engine 4.

Learn how to create a Master Material, which can easily be scaled
Set up Instances
Create Material Functions
Learn the difference between Metallic and non-Metallic materials
How to use Switches
Save time (and increase performance) using material parameters in Unreal Engine 4

I'm sorry, but I very badly know English language, therefore I use the translator.
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