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Exclamation CGPeers Rules & Posting Guidelines ( 2012-Present )

Golden Rules

  • Do not defy the expressed wishes of the staff.
  • Access to this website is a privilege, not a right, and it can be taken away from you for any reason.
  • Staff decisions are final. Arguing about our decisions is hazardous for your account.
  • One account per person. Anyone creating additional accounts will be banned.
  • Do not post our .torrent files on other sites. Every .torrent file has your personal passkey embedded in it. The tracker will automatically disable your account if you share your torrent files with others. You will not get your account back. This doesn't prohibit you from sharing the content on other sites, just the .torrent file.
  • Any torrent you are seeding to this tracker must only have our tracker's URL in it. Adding another tracker's URL will cause incorrect data to be sent to our tracker, and will lead to you getting disabled for cheating.
  • This is a torrent site which promotes sharing amongst the community. If you are not willing to give back to the community what you take from it, this site is not for you. In other words, we expect you to have an acceptable share ratio. If you download a torrent, please, seed the copy you have until there are sufficient people seeding as well before you stop.
  • Do not browse the site using proxies or TOR. The site will automatically alert us.
  • Trading and selling invites is strictly prohibited (Nex sells them for tree fiddy).
  • Trading, selling, sharing, or giving away your account is prohibited as well. PM a mod to disable you if you no longer want it.
  • You're completely responsible for the people you invite. If your invitees are caught cheating or trading/selling invites, they be banned, and your account may also be banned. Be careful who you invite. Invites are a precious commodity.
  • Be careful when sharing an IP or a computer with a friend if they have (or have had) an account. From then on your accounts will be inherently linked and if one of you violates the rules, both accounts will be disabled along with any other accounts linked by IP. This rule applies to logging into the site.
  • Attempting to find or exploit a bug in the site code is the worst possible offense you can commit. We have automatic systems in place for monitoring these activities, and committing them will result in the banning of you, your inviter, and your inviter's entire invite tree. Along with having your entire Class C ip range blocked globally.
  • We're a community. Working together is what makes this place what it is. There are many new torrents uploaded every day and sadly the staff aren't psychic. If you come across something which violates a rule, report it! Ignoring it is only damaging the community.
  • We respect the wishes of other sites here, as we wish for them to do the same. Please refrain from posting links or full names of sites that want not to be mentioned.

Ratio Rules

Your ratio is the amount you've uploaded divided by the amount you've downloaded.
To maintain leeching privileges, we require that you maintain a ratio above a minimum ratio. This is called your "required ratio". If your upload/download ratio goes below your required ratio, your account will be given a two week period to fix it before you lose your ability to download. This is called "ratio watch".
The required ratio is NOT the extra amount of ratio you need to gain. It is the minimum required ratio you must maintain.
Your required ratio is unique, and is calculated from the amount you've downloaded, and the percentage of your snatched torrents which you are still seeding.
It is not necessary to know how this ratio is calculated. What you need to know is that downloading makes the required ratio go up (bad) and seeding your snatches forever makes your required ratio go down (good). You can view your required ratio in the site header (it is the "Required" value). You want a high ratio, and a low required ratio.
The exact formula for calculating the required ratio is provided merely for the curious. It is done in three steps.
The first step is by determining how high and how low your required ratio can be. This is determined by looking up how much you've downloaded from the following table:

  • Amount downloaded Required ratio (0% seeded) Required ratio (100% seeded)
  • 0-10GB 0.00 0.00
  • 10-20GB 0.05 0.00
  • 20-30GB 0.15 0.01
  • 30-40GB 0.20 0.10
  • 40-50GB 0.25 0.15
  • 50-60GB 0.30 0.20
  • 60-100GB 0.40 0.25
  • 100+GB 0.50 0.30

So for example, if you've downloaded 35GB, your required ratio will be somewhere between 0.05 and 0.30.
To get this range of requirements to a more precise number, what we do is take the required ratio (0% seeded) for your download band, multiply it by (1-(seeding/snatched)), and round it up to the required ratio (100% seeded) if need be. Therefore, your required ratio will always lie between the 0% seeded and 100% seeded requirements, depending on the percentage of torrents you are seeding.
In the formula, "snatched" is the number of non-deleted unique snatches (complete downloads) you have made (so if you snatch a torrent twice, it only counts once, and if it is then deleted, it's not counted at all). "Seeding" is the average number of torrents you've seeded over at least 72 hours in the past week. If you've seeded less than 72 hours in the past week, the "seeding" value will go down (which is bad).
Thus, if you have downloaded less than 30GB, and you are seeding 100% of your snatches, you will have no required ratio. If you have downloaded less than 5GB, then no matter what percentage of snatches you are seeding, you will again have no required ratio.
If you stop seeding for an entire week, your required ratio will be the "required ratio (0% seeded)" for your download band. Your required ratio will go down once you start seeding again.
Take note how, as your download increases, the 0% seeded and 100% seeded required ratios begin to taper together. They meet at 100GB of download, meaning that after you've downloaded 100GB, your ratio requirement will be 0.60, no matter what percentage of your snatches you're seeding. Important information you should know
If your ratio does not meet your required ratio, you will be put on ratio watch. You will have two weeks to get your ratio above your required ratio - failure to do so will result in your downloading privileges being automatically disabled.
If you download over 10GB while you're on ratio watch, you will be instantly disabled.
Everyone gets to download their first 10GB before ratio watch kicks in.
To get out of ratio watch, you must either raise your ratio by uploading more, or lower your required ratio by seeding more. Your ratio MUST be above your required ratio.
If you have lost your downloading privileges, your new required ratio will be the 0% seeded ratio. You will re-gain your downloading privileges once your ratio is above that required ratio.
The ratio watch system is completely automatic, and cannot be altered by staff.

Uploading Rules
  • ONLY UPLOAD CG / VFX RELATED TORRENTS. Uploading general software torrents (Like Games/Movies/Music/Etc) Will get your torrent removed and will result in a ban.
  • Do not upload duplicates. If the same torrent already exists, then DO NOT upload yours. Mirroring isn't needed with torrents.
  • Don't use underscores and/or periods as spaces. It looks retarded, plus our internal search engine won't properly index your torrent
  • Try to write a proper description for the product. Or at least copy the official products details
  • When uploading your torrent, try to find the products image, Remirror it somewhere else (Always remirror images or the developer can track your ip) and put it into the "Image URL" field.

Request Rules

  • Do not make requests for torrents that break the rules. It is your responsibility that the request follows the rules. Your request will be deleted and you will not get your bounty back. Requests cannot be more specific than the upload (and trumping) rules.
  • Only one title (software) per request. No requests for multiple software or vague requirements. Application requests can consist of only one application, but may span a range of different versions. However, such requests can be filled with only one version of that title.
  • All users must have an equal chance to fill a request. Trading upload credit is not allowed. Abusing the request system to exchange favors for other users is not tolerated. That includes making specific requests for certain users (whether explicitly named or not). Making requests for releases, and then unfilling so that one particular user can fill the request is not allowed. If reported, both the requester and user filling the request will receive a warning and lose the request bounty.
  • No manipulation of the requester for bounty. Holding out on a request fill for more bounty is bad etiquette. The bounty is a reward or additional gift for helping other users and should not be a ransom.
- The mouse police never sleeps.
- Programmers make things work. Artists make things pretty.
- Google is an antidote to stupidity. I suggest that you self-medicate.

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