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Old 04-27-2012, 11:56:42 PM   #1
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Default mask by cavity for mari?

hi can u mask by cavity in mari like u can in zbrush?
I saw in a forum in Mari, Objects menu, select Ambient Occlusion, wait for the calculation to complete. When it has, go to your Projection pallette, turn on Mask Preview Enabled, and turn on Ambient Occlusion Mask, by default it will mask off the occlusion, although you can alo invert it.

In effect you can generally use it to similar effect to the dry brush in Mudbox, which I think it purely topoligical height based.

or even faster, bake your cavity/AO into a texture and use this as a channel mask.

is this the same as mask by cavity?

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Old 09-30-2013, 07:58:59 PM   #2
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Would like to know as well. I tried the method you described but couldn't get the same results like cavity mask or drybrush.
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If you can't help but post like a retard how can we expect you to be able to follow any instructions anyone gives. You have already shown that computers are a little too complicated for you.
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The very Most STupid People Are the ones that Call And threat others as STupid ... So the same things about Retards, wich are the ones that just get in the Way and cant Have brains enough to ever be helpful at all .

It seams to me that you fall in both of those categories too often for your own prejudice.


Well Ambient oclusion its not The same As MAsk by cavity ...

Cause For cavity Mesh needs to be analyzed by Its topology , and search for high frequency detail there ...

Ambient occlusion does just a Raytracing surrounding object and then were Light rays dont hit it adds Occlusion ( black Color ) ..

Mari as now Version 2.0 only Got AMBIENT OCLUSION ( Ambient Occlusion Mask )
and EDGE DETECTIOn ( Edge Mask )

WIch you can Adjust Falofs And properties to have a More Desired Detailed look ...

BEside this you got also : Depth Mask / Fractal Noise Mask / Backface Mask
And you can Export them: Channels | Export Mask Stacks

This Feature have been talked in Mari Development Groups Since 1 year ago
But Unfortunely still not Implemented ...

In this MARI Falls Behind MudBox and Zbrush ...

But as far As i See you can Actually Bake a Cavity mask In Zbrush or Mudbox Or whatever other program,
Then import Into Mari as You can Import Existing Textures to Channels Then make a Mask From Channel ..

I would read all Manuals From Top to Bottom to serach for even more possibiities in workflows if was you :

Good luck !

All best.

AaroN ETsuky
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