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Reload this Page Is it possible to write your own Operating system?
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Default Is it possible to write your own Operating system?


Is it easy to make an operating system. Windows, mac, linux was lucky. They started in the 80s. And now? So many to do. I only see this operating systems. There are a lot of web browsers but no operating systems.
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Depends what you mean by OS. A kernel that noita? Not too hard. An OS that is anywhere nesr modern? Man, thats some miljoona and years of development. Or anything in between.
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History, compatibility, market acceptance, number of available applications, etc.

There is a lot of history behind the development of these operating systems. There is much more than just luck involved.

I would not say writing a professional, productive OS for general purposes like Windows, MacOS, is such an easy task.
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Maybe start by cracking a few software requests here to get the ball rolling. How about Redshift for Mac your first project... I'll gladly test
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Short answer.....Totally!
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The operating systems you see, is what the market most accepted. But in history, a lot of OS have existed.

Some continuing existing but for specific purposes.

A lot of persons who wants to "create" a system alone, use the Linux as base. It's a open code, kernel and such, take a look how many distro of linux have in the world.

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Short answer: If you've gotta ask... probably not.

While writing an OS is entirely possible, writing one that approaches the sophistication and usability of existing choices like Windows, macOS, and Linux will require a lot of coding skill and hard work. If all you want is a simple text based DOS, with no extra bells and whistles, a talented coder could throw something together relatively easily. If you want a nice GUI, lots of built-in tools, and compatibility with various existing standards, so you can run web based content for instance, the job becomes a lot harder.

Then there's the issue of apps. What programs will you be able to run on your shiny new OS? You have a choice of making it strictly web based, like Chrome OS, adding a Windows, Mac, or Linux emulator on top, or writing all your own applications as well. Probably easier, as lightformone suggested, to adapt a Linux distro. Even Google, with all their money, resources, and manpower, did that for their Chrome OS. It should be noted as well that even macOs is based on Unix, and there's been talk of migrating Windows over to a Linux/Unix kernel for years, so even the big players sometimes take shortcuts.

As with many of the questions that are asked here, the answer is research, lots of it. Look at the history of Unix, Linux, and Windows. Learn their strengths and weaknesses. Find out how we got to where we are today. And it wouldn't hurt to learn how to do low level coding. If you did, you could probably answer this question yourself.

doing my part to make the world a better place... one post at a time.

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