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Default PatterNodes 1.8.5

Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later 64-bit

PatterNodes is a procedural design to for creating graphical patterns, animations or illustrations based on repetitions. This is done by defining a sequence of steps that describes the design, using nodes and connections between them.

▪ Extremely flexible and powerful node-based interface.
▪ Real-time updated tiled preview of the result while adjusting parameters.
▪ Add animation value ranges to any parameter and export the complete animation cycle.
▪ Lots of different configurable shapes, lines, curves and file import options to build your pattern with.
▪ Easily paste in vector or bitmap graphics elements to use in your pattern.
▪ Import or paste in bitmap graphics or vector shapes (EPS, PDF or SVG) to use in your patterns.
▪ Integrated text tools to let you apply all the transformations, effects etc to individual letters.
▪ Automates making seamless pattern tiles.
▪ Nondestructive randomization functions to randomly scale, rotate, move or adjust the color of the individual elements of your patterns.
▪ Export the result as bitmap (JPEG, PNG, TIFF) or vector (EPS, PDF) graphics, or just copy it and paste it into some other application.
▪ Export animations as GIF, QuickTime MOV or numbered PNG or JPG files.
▪ Extensive manual, node reference guide, inline tool tip help and warnings messages, sample patterns and tutorial files to help you get started.

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