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Old 08-07-2013, 07:03:08 AM   #51
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They must have shown up sometime near the middle 90's, if I remember right.
For sure not in the middle 80's. I had to crack everything myself at that time and at exorbitant prices for 16-32KB modem connections, very few would bother if a group released anything or not.
Good thing the Chinese distributors stepped in and flooded the market with software collections on CDs...
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Old 08-07-2013, 07:24:21 AM   #52
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Yeah, the famous chinese CD-ROMs from the eighties... sigh.

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Old 09-28-2014, 08:00:34 AM   #53
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...CD-ROMs from the eighties? no, I don't think so.
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Old 09-28-2014, 08:27:36 AM   #54
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I don't think so either. Even the 'orange book' is from 88 !!
I remember paying a FORTUNE for a scsi Yamaha cd burner back in 1996. It was slow, using a caddy ... jurassic burn.
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Old 09-28-2014, 08:27:55 AM   #55
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They genius of reverse engineering....they are the one only who crack 100% working capability & simultaneously release three major OS,namely WIN,MAC,Linux.

Long live X-froce..!
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Old 09-28-2014, 09:13:14 AM   #56
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i remember like 95-96 my mom bought us some software from amazon or wherever online and it's installer said x-force so i always thought they were a regular company,, been following them from then on to learn now that way back when the software was probably not on the up and up.. owell i learned alot,, thx Mom and XF
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Old 09-28-2014, 09:14:56 AM   #57
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It doesn't matter he has several years. they are team .... not one person (i'm sure). ! in your opinion ? he is at CGPersia ?
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