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Cool The Lighting Series by Felix Kunze


Sue Bryce and lighting expert Felix Kunze have created a special video series that focuses on incorporating artificial light into your studio. This comprehensive course delivers 10 lessons (plus 2 bonus lessons) that will open your eyes to the endless opportunities studio lighting creates. Any studio, any space, any set-up, there is always a way to create beautiful light.

Learn the fundamental knowledge behind understanding artificial light, execute beautiful lighting scenarios anywhere and elevate your photography exponentially. Each course zeroes in on one specific topic and scenario. Felix takes you through how to set-up the lighting, your camera settings, shooting, modifying, and will leave you with all the tools you’ll need to master magnificent light in your studio.

The lessons include understanding sync speed, how to choose a modifier, replicating natural light, achieving Felix’s signature lighting set-up, shooting on-location with strobes, creating back and sidelit scenarios, shooting in small spaces with strobes, formal portraits and headshots, group lighting, layering light, shooting into backlight, and more.


Download link:
Decryption key: !Ix1eKdgZAZVOazO-01VTMA

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I hope she is narrating (the woman from the trailer) because her voice was fucking soothing as hell! I'm not into photography but maybe will give some pointers into how to light CG as well!
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Photography lighting is totally relevant to CG lighting. In fact i would go as far and suggest everyone needs to get some knowledge/experience in or two tutorials from here is a good start.
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thank you very much!
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Thank you so much!
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