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Freeware We find ourselves deleting a lot of freeware, so here's a unstatable dumping ground.

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Default Egyptian statues

Egyptian Statues
format;.max,.obj + textures
achive size: (17 MB)
High poly 3D animal model of Egyptian statues, including humans and animals

Last edited by fanvault; 12-31-2017 at 11:58:37 PM. Reason: Added file-tags
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Free content. Moved.
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Hmmm. Still seems to be here... unless I'm hallucinating due to a New Year induced brain chemistry imbalance of some kind.

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Hmm... maybe you are hallucinating. Looks like the right place to me.
Just kidding. I moved it. Lol!
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Looks like you both hallucinating, as something that has been moved is usually not in the same place, yet here it is in the same place that is was moved from.

Now i think im hallucinating.
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now I think that is time for beer
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