CGP IRC Portal

Do you need account help? Read Below:
#1. Join with the SAME USERNAME as your problematic account. We get several people a day whom don't do so nor ever state their proper username, making it much longer for us to fix their issue.
#2. Just ask your question, state which site(s) you're refering to (CGpeers and CGpersia are not the same site), and then wait. Even if the channel is dead, a mod will see you in his log later on, so if you at least asked your question properly instead of just going "Any mods here?" then leaving 2 minutes later, then there's good hope we'll follow through.

Do not ask us for files. We don't have anything that's not already on the forum. If you still feel compelled to ask us, search on first. If that fails, then make a request on the forum, you'll yield better results then from us irc folk.

Please join with your actual site username.

Use any IRC Client to connect to the server: